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Make a Demo Tool in Rust

It's not complete or polished or anything. So let's dive in!

The code should compile on Linux, Windows and Mac.


Origins of this tutorial and the general motivation for a demo tool.

1. Fish in a JIT

Writing a small Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation library and using it to print oneliner animated ASCII graphics.

fish in a jit

fish in a jit diagram

2. Let's try 0.5 to 1.5

Implementing a client for the GNU Rocket Editor to control variable values over time. Doing sync-track in other words.

rocket example

rocket to demo diagram

Plans for the next chapters:

3. It's blue from the outside (work in progress)

Put in the pixels, sync-track with Rocket and render some raymarched quad scenes.

This is coming along. Most of the code is done, I'm working on smoothing out the rough edges a bit and then the write-up.

4. Make it no_std, make it small.

Small enough for a 64k intro.


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